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Approach Failed after X seconds

The approach fail message is usually caused by debris in the resin, or misalignment between the platform and the glass. Should you encounter the Approach Fail error, we would recommend Cleaning out the Build Tray and repeating the Build platform calibration.
Please see the following common reasons for the Approach Fail.

Build Platform Misalignment

Build platform calibration

Please repeat the build platform calibration and verify the correct platform position with the help of the position encoders.

Calibration screw too loose

The calibration screw should be tightened until you feel it's "biting", then turn the screw by another half turn or full turn if you can.
If you have a torque wrench, you can try 2.5 - 3 newton meter.

Material debris

Ensure the bottom of the build tray is clear and free of any debris or layers, nor debris floating in the resin.
You can use the following method to clean out the build tray:
Watch Cleaning Build Tray

Vibration sources

Please ensure the printer is not sitting next to a vibrating source such as an ultrasonic unit, a compressor, air condition or similar, as this will interfere with the position encoders of the machine.

Parts are hollow, causing trapped volume

Some part-geometries can cause Suction cup effect/ Trapped volume, which means cavities that increase the approach and separation forces, by trapping resin or air in the cavities. In this case, the orientation needs to be changed, drain holes added onto the base of the model or placing the model on support structures to avoid trapped volumes.

Not sufficient resin in the build tray

Especially when using the Fast Print Mode and/or the Separation Detect, you have to ensure you have sufficient resin in the build tray, because the build platform will move quicker, so we have to ensure the resin flow-back underneath the platform is given. Else it can lead to delamination within the model and ultimately to the Approach Fail. We would recommend filling at least half of the tray with resin. When using Fast Print Mode and/or Separation Detect, better 3/4 full.

Partial or entire detachment of the model

If parts of the model or the entire model detach from the rest of the build, these parts will drop into the build tray, obstructing the build platform on its next cycle down, which can result in an Approach Fail. In this case, you need to inspect why parts of the model are detaching. This can be due to an incorrect build platform calibration, incorrect model set up, insufficient supports, critical areas not supported (ie. base layers or floating layers), model is not sitting flush with the build platform, incorrect material file or outdated material file is chosen, resin not stirred before starting a new print, etc.



Updated Feb. 16, 2021, 3:57 p.m.

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