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Build Detachments

A failed print on your Asiga 3D Printer can occur from multiple causes such as a dirty glass where the resin vats sit, zero position calibration is out of alignment, debris in the resin, an incorrect set-up of the model, or the resin in the build tray not being stirred before having started the print.

Partial Detachment

If your print has come away from the build platform, then the platform calibration probably needs to be done again.
The most important thing is to ensure that the build platform is parallel, as if it is not, it can cause partial detachments as you describe.
When you do the platform calibration put downward pressure on the black knob as you tighten the calibration screw, and then also you can use a piece of paper to check that there are no gaps under the corners of the platform to be sure that it is perfectly parallel.
Please also please stir the resin thoroughly before printing, as this too can cause issues.

Support Structures

It could be related to the supports on the model, meaning too narrow contact width of the supports, insufficiently supported, critical areas not supported (ie. base layers, floating layers, overhang layers), no base plate added when using supports, support spacing too far apart, etc.
If you suspect the supports on your model, please send us the fully supported build file through a support ticket.
To do so load the fully supported models into Composer, then click FILE> EXPORT BUILD, this will create a ZIP file, please then attach the ZIP file onto the ticket.

Suction Cup Effect

Another factor could be the Suction cup effect/ Trapped volume, caused by certain geometries, meaning cavities within a model that can trap resin and/or air, which then increases the approach and separation forces. In this case, the orientation of the model needs to be changed, drain holes added onto the base of the model or using support structures underneath the model to avoid trapped volumes.

Complete Detachment

If your print is not sticking to the build platform, you can increase the adhesion of the first few layers by adjusting the burn-in exposure time.
Please add 30 seconds to the current default parameter, so the initial layers will take a bit longer to print, but will be more firmly cured. If it still doesn't stick, try to add another 30 seconds.

This should prevent the print from detaching midway through printing.

It is also important to be sure that the platform is perfectly parallel to the glass, as if it is crooked, then the part further away will have attachment problems.
Also, please stir the resin thoroughly before starting a new print, as this may cause the problem also.
Increasing the burn-in exposure is a bit of a workaround.
The default should work, but a non-parallel platform or unmixed resin may be the underlying cause.



Updated Feb. 16, 2021, 6:21 a.m.

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