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Build Tray Expired

The build tray uses an RFID tag which determines the lifetime of the build tray. If the front screen of your printer shows "Build Tray Expired" right before starting a new print, that would mean that the lifetime of the build tray has expired and would need to be replaced with a new build tray.

The lifetime of the build tray begins at 0% and when it expired, it will show 100%. The lifetime of the build tray will be displayed on the front screen at the end of every print. If you want to verify the tray lifetime manually, place the build tray into the machine as you would when setting up a print, then go to System> Tray Data and read the information on the screen.

If you believe the lifetime has expired before the actual end of its cycle, or if you encounter an error message related to the RFID tag (Build tray not detected, RFID Tag Error, etc), please open a support ticket in your Asiga account.

Updated March 8, 2021, 5:12 a.m.

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