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LED Light Intensity Too Low

Intermittent Issue

The LED Light Intensity Too Low sometimes can be a firmware bug.
When shutting down the printer or restarting it, it can fix this error message.

Hardware Failure

The printer switched off for no reason and also prompted LED Intensity Too Low, after printing some layers.
The power adapter of the printer may be faulty, please open up a support ticket to order a replacement.

Recurring Issue

If this is recurring, it would be good to see the Debug Information and Error Log of your machine.
It's important to get these logs after you see the message, without restarting or shutting down the printer, or starting a new print job.


Please also check the firmware of your machine is up to date, and ensure you're also running the latest Composer version.

You can download the latest Composer version from here:

And the firmware from here:

Material INI

An outdated material.ini file could also cause this error, please ensure you are using the latest files from the Asiga page.



Updated March 8, 2021, 5:37 a.m.

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