Industry Sectors

Offering superior print resolution and speed, the PICO 2 and PRO 2 series are well suited to a variety of professional industry sectors. Click on the tabs below to find out more.


From animation to craft, industrial design to art, sculpture to film, the Freeform Pico is a great tool for producing incredible resolution models for a variety of applications.

Face model in PlasGRAY
Eiffel tower model in PlasPINK

Build objects within objects, print details that cannot be produced by any other means, our 3D printing technology is a great tool for creative 3D minds.


The PICO 2 and PRO50 are perfect for a wide range of jewelry applications, including design verification, investment casting and rubber mold making.

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It's a Match Like No Other

Asiga's SAS™ technology and true HD imaging resolution on the PICO2HD. Surface smoothness like you have never seen before.

The PICO 2 can print up to 18 standard wedders in approximately 3 hours at 25 micron layers. With our SAS (Slice and Separate) process build times are faster and print resolution is unmatched.

SuperWAX & SuperCAST v3

All your casting needs taken care of with our superior direct-casting materials including SuperWAX and SuperCAST. A long standing member and award winner of MJSA makes the Asiga line of 3D printers the ideal choice for high-end jeweler.

Member of MJSA


For surgical guides, partial frameworks, crown & bridge, inlays / onlays and individual tooth or quadrant working models, the PICO 2 and PRO 2 series are a great productivity enhancing tool for dental applications.

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Dental bridge retainer

With superior resolution and accuracy in X and Y, 1 micron increments in Z and high powered LED's for super fast print times make our line of 3D printers the ideal choice for the digital dental lab. The PICO 2 can produce up to 20 copings & 16 crowns in under 3hrs with the PRO 2 series offering a large build area for large parts.

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Our Open Material System allows you to use not only Asiga's line of precision materials but also 3rd party materials.

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Precision, speed and an end to end user experience make the Asiga line of 3D printers the ideal choice for a wide range of medical applications from Audiology, pre-op assessment and drill guides/jigs.

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Hearing aid

All our systems now offer an Open Material platform giving you flexibility to use not only Asiga's materials but also 3rd party resins. Bio-compatible materials from manufacturers such as Detax and Pro3dure give all our users greater flexibility.

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