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3D printed Miniatures. Yes, they are really that small!

Through the doors at Aetherworks and Victoria Miniatures.

3D printing technology has revolutionised the miniatures industry by providing an efficient and cost-effective way to create detailed models and figurines.

Miniature manufacturers can now design and produce custom miniatures with incredible precision and accuracy using specialised 3D modelling software and 3D printing.

See why Aetherworks and Victoria Miniatures moved to digital technologies to help with their design, development and manufacturing of new product lines.

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“Having the Asiga printer in the studio really helps speed up the process so much. It’s very reliable, it’s very consistent.”

Victoria Lamb, Victoria Miniatures

3D printing enables quick and easy production of prototypes and small-batch runs, allowing for more rapid experimentation and innovation.

The stability of Asiga 3D printers in production environments allows for miniatures to be manufactured directly by the printer, something that is becoming a popular product offering in the world of miniatures.

“I believe that we can only do what we do with the equipment that we have, which is the Asiga printers.”

Paul Johnson, Aetherworks

The future of 3D printing in the miniatures industry is promising.

As 3D printing technology continues to improve, you can expect to see even more intricate designs and details, as well as new materials and finishes to further enhance the realism of miniatures. In addition, the use of 3D scanning technology could allow for the creation of digital replicas of real-world objects, such as historical artifacts, which could be used to create highly accurate and realistic miniatures. Overall, the future of 3D printing for miniatures looks bright, and it is likely that this technology will continue to be a driving force in the industry for years to come.

Thank you to Aetherworks and Victoria Miniatures for participating in this video.

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