Rapid prototyping or serial production

Reliably manufacture end use parts, prototypes and jigs & fixtures on any Asiga 3D printer.

“Asiga’s open source material library allows us to create compliant mechanisms with softer materials and use harder materials to withstand greater forces.”

Shaun Barlow,
Reach Robotics,
Sydney, Australia

Open Material Freedom

With more than 500 materials available at your finger-tips take control of your production output. Unlimited access to many of the world’s leading AM materials today, tomorrow and in the future.

Future-proof your business and stay up-to-date with the latest material developments from those who do it best. Optimised, validated, approved materials ready for ‘plug & play’ integration into your workflow.

Nobody does it better!

“With our Asiga 3D printer and Henkel’s 3955 we are at the gateway of discovering new opportunities.”

Stefan Molitor,
Design Engineer,

Asiga and Henkel drive additive manufacturing solutions for industrial production.

High-temp injection mould inserts

Reduce injection mould tooling leadtimes and 3D print mould inserts for short run injection moulding.

Select from a range of high temperature resistant 3D print materials from our Open Material Library and take advantage of sharp crisp details and the ability to handle complex geometries.

Select materials from companies such as Henkel Loctite, BASF, Evonik and many more.

Read a case study with Vert Design, Australia and how they have utilised 3D printed mould inserts for their product development.

Manufacturing Resources

Visit our learning centre to see how our products are used for Additive Manufacturing, read customer stories and learn how others are integrating digital technologies.

385nm Industrial-grade LEDs

Our industrial-grade 385nm UV LEDs provide optimised and accurate material curing for exceptional detail reproduction and precision. Speak to us today about other LED wavelength offerings for a more customised solution.

Water-clear materials

Produce water-clear parts including bottles, visors and lens on our 385nm UV printers.  Visit our Open Material Library and select from a range of water-clear materials for your next project.

Functional parts

Produce large-scale functional prototypes or manufacture end use parts.  Select from a variety of rigid or elastomeric materials from manufacturers including Henkel Loctite, BASF, Evonik and plenty more.

Material: Dreve BioTec. Video courtesy of Dreve.

Powerful software tools

Automatically generate robust support structures for the most complex geometry with our Lattice Support feature. Automated part placement and automated support structures ensure you spend more time designing and less time in the 3D printer set-up.

3D printers for additive manufacturing

Contact us today to find out how Asiga 3D printers can enhance your digital capabilities.

“Asiga 3D printers really are the crux of our manufacturing process. The accuracy, speed, quality and reliability has revolutionised the way we work.”

Stuart Reid,
GN Resound,
Sydney, Australia