3D printers for miniature production

Whether you are looking to 3D print miniatures directly or 3D print master patterns for mould making, you are in the right place.

“For industry professionals Asiga is a great choice. There are a lot of hobby printers but Asiga is the desktop industry standard printer which has worked for me brilliantly.”

Victoria Lamb,
Victoria Miniatures

Recreate the finest of details

Repeatable, reliable output you can depend on.

Adopting 3D print features developed primarily for jewellery production, our 3D printers provide not only exceptional detail definition but the repeatability for 24/7 miniatures production.

Direct miniature production

Design, 3D Print, Paint & Pack.

Asiga 3D printers are mostly used for direct manufacture of end-use parts so 3D printing miniatures for painting is a bread-and-butter process for many of our customers.

Take advantage of the Multi-stacking feature in Composer and utilise the full Z height for overnight / volume production printing.

3D print multiple levels of parts with confidence.

“I believe that we can only do what we do with the equipment that we have, which is the Asiga 3D printers.”

Paul Johnson,

Mould making

Looking to manufacture miniatures in high quantities?

3D print a master pattern and make a production mould. The level of detail, accuracy and surface smoothness from Asiga 3D printers provide the optimum master pattern for mould making.

Alternatively, 3D print the mould! 

Smart support generation

Utilising our latest support generation feature ‘Lattice Supports’, you can rest assured that support structures will be added only where they need to thus protecting and avoiding fine details on the miniature.

Automated part placement and automated support structures ensure you spend more time designing and being creative and less time in the 3D printer set-up.

Open Material Freedom

With more than 500 materials available at your finger-tips take control of your production output. Unlimited access to many of the world’s leading 3D printing materials today, tomorrow and in the future.

Future-proof your business and stay up-to-date with the latest material developments from those who do it best. Optimised, validated, approved materials ready for ‘plug & play’ integration into your workflow.

Nobody does it better!

Small runs or high volume?

Selecting an Asiga 3D printer is simple. Resolution and detail definition are important so we recommend the printers listed below. Select one of the following models based on your production volume or part size requirements:


Small volume & master model making.

MAX X35 UV output

Need more volume? Consider the MAX X43 UV


High volume miniature production.

PRO 4K45 output

Need more volume? Consider the PRO 4K65 UV

“We chose Asiga for the detail that their printers can achieve as well as reliability. 3D printing is the foundation to our operations and our Asiga 3D printers have worked great straight out the box.”

Eddie J Fisher,
Zealot Miniatures Ltd

3D print to the big screen

CGI animation masters or props for movie production.

Geometry flexibility, staggering detail reproduction and speed to ensure you keep your project on track.

3D printers for miniature production

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