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Always at the forefront of dental technology in the UK, Laboratory manager Jon Dolding from Ceramic Design Studio in Hove, UK was asked by his client Dr Bill Schaeffer from The Implant Centre to document the manufacture a surgical guide using a 3D printer.

The cost of multiple testing phases and changes to a prototype using traditional approaches would have been prohibitive. This is where 3D printing has made such a difference.

In 2016, the removable prosthesis, too often the poor relative in our laboratories, is not of much interest to the young prosthetist.

Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY is the world's leading research centre for accelerator, particle and astroparticle physics as well as for research into photon science.

Read about Artistic Dental Laboratories, Inc.

The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute 3D print micro-scaffolds on the Asiga MAX X to provide a structure when melding human heart cells.

From idea to perfection - the creation of jewellery by stereolithography.

Asiga PRO2 75 3D printer streamlines the production of orthodontic clear aligners.

In dentistry, additive technologies cover a wide range of indications across nearly every discipline and niche found within the profession. For these and various other reasons, dependence on additive manufacturing processes such as 3D printing will only continue to rise.

A series of questions answered by Juan from Lolacustica providing insight into the company.

The CLAUSS ‘system’ brings together all the software and hardware needed to build an integrated end-to-end digital workflow, enabling users to design and/or produce high quality dental restorations and appliances at their pace.

This paper reports the design, fabrication, and characterization of arrays of miniaturized, internally fed, polymer electrospray emitters fabricated with stereolithography.

Producing narrow channels and cavities with transparent, photopolymerizing 3D printing resins can be extremely difficult – but it’s entirely possible with the high-quality MOIIN resins developed in Hamburg.

Audiology lab Haus der Hörtechnik GmbH have taken the time to document their digital workflow and together with Detax have presented this insightful case study.

We are delighted to take a behind the scenes peek into one of Australia's leading manufacturing jewellers, Australian Diamond Company.

A series of questions answered by Udo Gütelhöfer from Haus Der Hörtechnik Gmb providing insight into the company.

Through the doors of Aetherworks and Victoria Miniatures to see how they have embraced digital manufacturing.

Louis Ong, Yi-Chin Toh - Queensland University of Technology

Asiga’s desktop solution takes designs to real parts in hours.

Digital Enamel have their say on using the Asiga MAX UV for producing dental models with an articulator using Whip Mix Verimodel OS Ivory resin.

Written by Matthias Zimmerer, Application Engineer, CDT, certified exocad trainer, Schütz Dental 3D printing is quite possibly the main manufacturing process used for splints today. 3D printed splint materials are tough with some being hard & rigid and others softer…

This paper presents a high-resolution, PDMS 3D-printing resin for the facile fabrication of microfluidic and biomedical devices.

Digitalisations in dental technology has advanced at an enormous pace over recent years, such that it is hard for the lab owner to keep up with developments.

The latest in digital orthodontic devices. Here is how Italian dental laboratory 3DO s.r.l. have transitioned to digital and kept on top of their game.

Starkey Hearing Technologies is a global leader in digital hearing aids including earmould design and production.

We are delighted to gain behind-the-scenes access into one of Australia's leading dental practices, W Dental in Sydney.

Dr. Kasen Somana from Signature Dentistry talks about his digital journey and why he chose the Asiga MAX UV as his go-to printer for 3D printing in the clinic.

Case study by Dr. Kasen Somana, Signature Dentistry

ASSA ABLOY were looking for a tough material that offers long-term durability, could withstand 120,000 cycles and maintain an excellent surface finish.

The following article describes two original techniques that use CAD/CAM technology to generate a pre-surgical healing abutment or provisional restoration.

Read about the experiences of master dental technician Andreas Hoch, CEO of Dentaltechnik Kiel.

While 3D printing is currently poised at the forefront of technology, 4D printing is nipping right at its heels.

MIT and Draper researchers have 3D printed a novel microfluidic device that simulates cancer treatments on biopsied tumor tissue.

Detailing the efficient workflow of the CAD / CAM & CASTING processes incorporation, 3Design, Zbrush, Asiga PICO2 and SuperWAX direct casting material.

Our industry leading PRO 4K continues to make waves in many additive manufacturing industries and here is a recent product review by DentalTechTips.

Anatomic4D, based in Sydney, Australia develops and manufactures advanced 3D printed 'True to Life', ultra-realistic dental simulation products for education and training of dental practitioners.

With an install of 5x MAX UV and 4x PRO 4K80 UV, see why Andent chose Asiga for their busy dental lab.

Asiga customer Palloys is Australasia's premier jewellery manufacturing and custom jewellery service centre.

Through a partnership with the Holy Land Institute for the Deaf, volunteer organization 3DP4ME hopes to provide 3D printed hearing-aid ear molds to disadvantaged populations in the Middle East.

For many years Asiga 3D printers have been used widely in the audiology sector for the manufacture of hearing devices.

Race Dental is Australia's largest dental laboratory. CEO, Brad Race discusses how his company applies 3D digital technologies to stay competitive.

Take a peek inside leading orthodontists Alex Yusupov Specialist Orthodontists and see how they are utilising Asiga 3D printers within their daily workflows.

3D printing in some industries is a primary manufacturing process so output consistency, speed and part quality are imperative to ensure production efficiency and continuity.

A guided CEREC Guide 2 case printed on the Asiga MAX UV by August De Oliveira from Digital Enamel.

See for the first time a glimpse inside Asiga's factory and a full technical review of the Asiga MAX for dental applications.