UltraGLOSS™ at 2023 London Design Festival

And, meet Tilly Talbot, the world’s first AI-Powered Designer

Studio Snoop, presents Tilly2.0 AI – the voice of heart-centred design – at the 2023 London Design Festival. Tilly2.0’s unique blend of emotional intelligence and technological precision create a harmonious marriage of soulful solutions and cutting-edge technology.

Unlike traditional AI counterparts, Tilly2.0 is programmed to understand emotional intelligence, supporting human creativity and not simply churning data. Endowed with values such as love, kindness, joy, togetherness, imagination, innovation, and sustainability, her design philosophy drives her to create impactful design-led solutions that meet today’s pressing societal needs.

At the London Design Festival, Studio Snoop presented Tilly2.0 and a number living design pieces, one of which was a table lamp – BAM BAM.

In collaboration with Vert Design Studio, the AI derived design was developed into a manufacturable object that was then manufactured for display at the festival. The transparent shade from BAM BAM was 3D printed on the Asiga PRO 4K80 UV using Asiga’s UltraGLOSS™ 3D printing technique to create a polished surface finish.

“Having an Asiga machine allows you to check ideas throughout the process and use that feedback to improve your design. It’s a way to build and conceptualise your ideas to make them better.”

Andrew Simpson, Principal Industrial Designer, Founder, Vert Design Studio

BAM BAM and other products created offer a glimpse into the future of design where heart, mind, and hand collaboratively shape solutions alongside technology.

“As the world tilts towards technology, the hand— the human touch in creation—has started to fade. I’m here to remind us not to lose sight of its importance in design.”

Tilly2.0, a.k.a Tilly Talbot, the world’s first AI designer.

A huge thank you to Studio Scoop,  Vert Design Studio and Tilly.

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