Privacy Policy

This privacy policy notice applies to the main Asiga website only and does not apply to our Translate (/translate/) path.

This policy does not include emails and Asiga products themselves such as our 3D printers and consumables.

Anonymous Data

Asiga retains anonymous client activity data for site design and provisioning purpose.

What is anonymous data?

Anonymous data is strictly information about the client device or software.

  • Operating system type and version
  • Application name and version
  • Global IP address
  • URL accessed

Why does Asiga store anonymous data?

We use client information to learn about our site usage and potential improvements.

  • Catering for specific browsers and versions
  • Catering for specific operating systems
  • Tracing errors in our sites

When does Asiga collect anonymous data?

Anonymous data are being collected automatically each time you load our website and webpages.

Does Asiga share anonymous data to other parties?

Your web browser will push anonymous data to Google Analytics unless it is disabled.

How long does Asiga keep anonymous data?

Asiga retain anonymous data in the form of website logs for up to one year.
Google Analytics is configured to retain anonymous data for up to six months.

How can I disable third party analytics data collection?

There are three ways to disable data collection on the Asiga website in the order of increasing scope.

  1. Webpage tracking can be controlled at
  2. Install Google Analytics Opt-out browser addon
    This will also apply to other websites you visit that uses Google Analytics
  3. Enable your browser’s ‘Do Not Track’ feature
    This will apply to every other websites you visit that respects the ‘Do Not Track’ header

Personal Data

Asiga requires your personal and company details in order to provide you with our products and services.

What is personal data?

Personal data is information about a person or their identity.

  • Person or company name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Time zone
  • Shipping address
  • Company tax identification number

Why does Asiga store personal data?

We primarily require your personal data for shipping and customer service purposes.

  • Minimizing shipping delays
  • Local training and support with your local resellers
  • Sample parts requests
  • Return to factory repairs or replacement parts

When does Asiga collect personal data?

We collect your personal data when you are:

  • Registering for an Asiga account
  • Adding or updating your addresses
  • Updating your profile
  • Submitting our ‘contact us’ form

Does Asiga share personal data to other parties?

When we are shipping goods, we will need to share your contact and address details with the shipping company.
Additionally, we must also disclose the goods that are being delivered for customs purposes.

  • DHL for International and Australia shipping
  • FedEx for International shipping
  • NSW Business Chambers for Certificate of Origin and Free Trade Agreement documents
  • Your local reseller for training and support

How long does Asiga keep personal data?

We store your data indefinitely until your request to delete your account is processed.

Cookie Data

Asiga stores cookie data to identify your web browser.

What is cookie data?

A cookie is a small text storage that is managed by your web browser.
Cookies are bound to each of their own specific web address.

  • Form submission key
  • Session identifier
  • Third party analytics

Why does Asiga store cookie data?

The form submission key is necessary to protect you against attempts made from other website to control your Asiga session.
The session identifier is necessary for you to login and have a customizable profile.
Third party analytics cookies helps Asiga to improve site usability.

How do I see my cookie data?

Your web browser should have a method to view cookies and their properties with more information.

How long does my browser retain cookie data?

Form submission and session cookies will typically expire when you close the browser.
The third party analytics cookie ‘gaTrack’ will last for up to one year.

Your Rights

You may instruct us to administer your personal data on your behalf over email, phone or letter.

How do I access my personal data?

Your current profile, addresses and orders information are available in your accounts page.

How do I erase my personal data?

Contact us should you wish to close your account permanently and remove all reference to you or your company on our database.
Personal data anonymisation will be applied instead of full erasure should you had made any critical actions.

  • Registered a machine
  • Placed an order

Last updated Aug. 25, 2022, 2:34 p.m.