SLC file viewer

Inspect all slices within the SLC file in an intuitive and simple interface.

Convert SLC to STL

Convert your SLC file into a more universally accepted STL file for production across both additive & subtractive technologies.

Unlock endless production possibilities by converting your SLC file to STL and quality check the data in Asiga Stomp.

Download Sleece for free.

View slice data

Scroll through for a quick visual check.

Work through slices in the SLC file and validate that the slice data for 3D printing has been prepared correctly.

Automatic error check

Confirm that the slice data is suitable for printing prior to starting the printer.

Check for incomplete contours, missing data or thin wall sections which may not be suitable for printing.

Distance ruler

Click between two points for an accurate measurement.

A simple ruler feature to check feature sizing at critical sections prior to production.

Export images

For the ultimate in flexibility, export slice data to images.

Convert every slice to a stack of images (.png) quickly via the ‘Export Images’ function in Sleece.

System requirements

Operating System








1.6 GHz multi-core


2 GB


64 MB, OpenGL 2.0 or later


3 button with scroll wheel / trackpad

Download Sleece

Sleece is available to download for free.  Unlimited installations with all future updates included.

Windows 32-bit (13.9 MB)

Windows 64-bit (14.5 MB)

Mac OS X 64-bit (17.0 MB)