Asiga Covid-19 Response

3D printing data for PPE

COVID-19 Response

3D printing is now mission critical in many of the healthcare industries we service and it is playing an important role for urgent part production supporting the global pandemic response. Asiga are working closely with local government and also our awesome customer base to approach this response collectively.

We now face supply chain disruption globally but one essential category to help our healthcare system fight COVID-19 is PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Asiga have set up an internal COVID-19 task force to combat these shortages. Our first objective is to design open-source PPE devices that can be 3D printed by Asiga at our manufacturing facility in Sydney and also the wider 3D printing community. Our designs are open source and available to anyone with a 3D printer to start manufacturing for their local healthcare services.

3D printing data for PPE

Check-in with your local hospitals, clinics, healthcare services to ascertain whether they have a need.

Asiga Face Shield

The Asiga Face Shield is a compact version of a standard face shield which prints on our leading MAX UV 3D printer or similar sized 3D printers.

The Asiga Face Shield 3D prints in three sections in less than 17 minutes on our MAX UV. The parts then snap-fit together to create a full face shield frame.

The Asiga Face Shield is then assembled with an off-the-shelf clear film for the visor (Note: we have a design for A4 sized and also Letter sized film depending on your region), an elastic strap for the head band and a foam pad to rest between the frame and the forehead. Full assembly instructions can be found in the folders below.

We have two designs available depending on your region. Select from one of the links below to download STL data.

Full assembly instructions can be found here:

Asiga Ear Defenders

Ear protectors / defenders are becoming increasingly more important given the length of time face masks are being worn by our healthcare workers. An ear defender relieves any pressure on the back of the ear from face mask elastic. These are simple yet effective.

Future Projects

Stay up-to-date on our progress supporting the collaborative effort to combat COVID-19. We will update this post with future 3D printing solutions as they become available to share. Any additional data will be added to the drive below.

Keep well, keep printing and keep supporting.

Open Source Data

We are sharing this data for the greater good. All we ask is for you to tag Asiga to any posts you make on social media. The more you link our products the more people will be directed to this data and the more people will be printing PPE to help those on the front line.

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