Asiga at Barksdale Dental Lab – USA

When precision matters.

Barksdale Dental Lab, a renowned name in the dental industry, has a rich history dating back to its establishment in the mid-1980s. Founded by Steve Barksdale, the lab started as a small, family-owned dental laboratory. Over the years, it evolved into a prominent player in the dental technology sector, known for its commitment to innovation and quality.

Barksdale Dental Lab has adapted to the changing landscape of dentistry, embracing digital advancements and 3D printing technology to provide top-notch restorative and prosthetic solutions.

Today, the lab continues its legacy of excellence and is a trusted partner for dental professionals nationwide.

“Watching my Dad work with his hands was like watching a master craftsman.”

Blake Barksdale, Barksdale Dental Lab

Blake Barksdale, the forward-thinking leader of Barksdale Dental Lab, has taken a giant leap in the dental industry by adopting Asiga 3D printing technology to manufacture digital dentures. This innovative approach has redefined the way dental prosthetics are created, offering unparalleled precision, customization, and efficiency.

Asiga 3D printers are at the forefront of additive manufacturing in the dental field, and Blake recognized their potential. By using this technology, Barksdale Dental Lab has transformed the process of crafting dentures. Traditional denture fabrication methods often involved multiple appointments, messy impressions, and time-consuming manual labor. However, with Asiga 3D printers, the entire process has been streamlined.

“Asiga has been the most accurate printer I have worked with.  The ease of use, the support I get and I can choose just about any resin I want to choose”

Blake Barksdale, Barksdale Dental Lab

Blake Barksdale’s vision and commitment to innovation have placed Barksdale Dental Lab at the forefront of digital denture manufacturing. By leveraging Asiga 3D printers, he has not only improved the accuracy and personalization of dentures but has also streamlined the entire process, offering a superior patient experience and setting a new standard for dental excellence. His dedication to technological advancement continues to redefine the dental prosthetics industry.

An enormous thank you to Steve and Blake Barksdale and the entire team at Barksdale Dental lab for sharing their story with us.


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