Robust 3D printers for
the Dental Laboratory

From implant models with removable dies to 3D printed dentures and everything in between.

Asiga 3D printers are widely regarded for delivering exceptional results for all dental indications. Tried, tested and well proven across production centres globally, Asiga 3D printers provide peace of mind for the high throughput lab to the smaller boutique dental laboratory.

“Multi-material options and the stability of the PRO 4K provides a solid and robust dental production solution. We now have 4 PRO 4K printers in our lab.”

Chris Peterson,
Vice President,
Peterson Dental Laboratory

Production reliability

Fast DLP printing technologies for time critical production with the added benefit of our proprietary SPS ™ technology for output control, repeatability and peace of mind, no matter how large the workload.

Simple user controls including rapid material change-overs without the need for calibration, on-board climate control, rapid calibration when required, Asiga 3D printers are designed specifically for production environments where production continuity and patient safety are paramount.

“Asiga’s high quality and reliability make it a great option for the lab.”

Christopher Kirkland,
R&D Technical Analyst,
Glidewell Laboratories

Open Material Freedom

With more than 500 materials available at your finger-tips take control of your production output. Unlimited access to many of the world’s leading dental materials today, tomorrow and in the future.

Future-proof your business and stay up-to-date with the latest material developments from those who do it best. Optimised, validated, approved materials ready for ‘plug & play’ integration into your workflow.


No more manual polishing.

Standard material tray Asiga 4K Mode

Drag slider to see the difference on a dental occlusal splint. UltraGLOSS™ finish on right side

UltraGLOSS™ - polished parts direct from the 3D printer.

UltraGLOSS™ by Asiga allows you to 3D print clear parts directly with a glossy / pre-polished surface removing the need for manual post-polishing.

Simply 3D print your dental appliances using your favourite material and Asiga’s new UltraGLOSS™ material trays and then wash & cure as normal following the material manufacturers guidelines. 

The result – a pre-polished finish direct from the 3D printer.

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Desktop or Freestanding?

The MAX UV or the PRO 4K 80 UV? From agile production on the desktop with the MAX UV to high volume throughput with the PRO 4K80 UV, see below how each of these 3D printers compare.


Small in size, high in throughput.

Production output – Dental Models


2-3 dental models (lay flat)

Print time

20 minutes @ 100 micron layers

Production output – Dentures


6-8 denture bases (standing)

Print time

60 minutes @ 100 micron layers


High volume dental production.

Production output – Dental Models


9-11 dental models (lay flat)

Print time

20 minutes @ 100 micron layers

Production output – Dentures


16-18 denture bases (standing)

Print time

60 minutes @ 100 micron layers

Reliable output for quality assurance and patient safety

Over 93% of data points within 50 microns of the original cad data. Validated by 3Shape.

Dental Resources

Visit our learning centre to see how our products are used in the dental laboratory, read customer stories and learn how others are integrating digital technologies.

Dental precision as it should be

For the perfect snug fit for removable dies to the most aesthetic crown & bridge, find a material in our Open Material Library that best suits your application.

Seamless, powerful software

Asiga Composer for automated and intuitive printer set-up. Lifetime software updates included.

Industry-wide compatibility

Compatible with all leading dental design software platforms.  Our printers read STL, PLY and SLC data.

3D printers for Dental Laboratories

Contact us today to find out how Asiga 3D printers can enhance your digital capabilities.

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