A digital dental workflow with 3Shape, Asiga and Detax resins

Here is an interesting insight into how German dental laboratory, Dentaltechnik Knebelsberger GmbH process dental materials on the Asiga PRO2 75 UV.  From 3D scanning, design, 3D printing, post-curing, delivery to the clinic and ultimately the fit to the patient. 

Thank you to Ralf Schieweg and Hans Peter Seidel of Dentaltechnik Knebelsberger GmbH for your time compiling this case study. 


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UltraGLOSS™ in a full digital nightguard / splint workflow.

Fully automated with 3Shape Nightguard Automate Stage 1 Intra-oral scan – 3Shape Trios Stage 2 AI Design – 3Shape Automate Stage 3 UltraGLOSS™ 3D print – Asiga MAX UV or PRO 4K80 UV using Keysplint Keystone Soft Stage 4 Wash & cure – follow material manufacturers IFU Stage 5 Issue to patient. Learn more – UltraGLOSS™ Learn more – 3Shape Automate Asiga or dental

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