Asiga Brand Guidelines


The Asiga logo should always be shown as clearly as possible and not be covered or overwhelmed by other visual elements. It is most effective when positioned with an ample amount of whitespace, which also helps to protect the logo’s integrity.

Whenever possible, the logo should be placed in the top right corner of the layout. If this can not be done in a visually satisfying way, it can be placed in the bottom right corner. There should always be a logo on all printed and digital elements.

Registered trademark

The Asiga logo is a registered trademark.  Correct usage of the Asiga logo is important to maintain a professional brand image for Asiga.

We do not include the registered trademark symbol alongside the logo.

Minimum sizing

Digital placement: 120px
Print application: 30mm

Positioning and white space

There must always be enough white space around the logo to ensure a clear logo placement.

Usage rules

Correct logo use

Always ensure a high contrast when using darker colours (logo or background).
Note: a lower contrast is OK when using a lighter background colour with a white logo.

Incorrect logo use

The Asiga logo must not be manipulated or presented in any other colour other than the colours shown above in ‘Correct logo usage’

Download Asiga logo


Montserrat is the primary font used by Asiga. 

Montserrat is used on all external marketing materials and sales tools, including ads, web banners, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, etc. Calibri Light is used on internal communications, including letters, internal documents.

Heading 1
Size: 36pt
Weight: 400 (normal)

Heading 2
Size: 32pt
Weight: 400 (normal)

Subheading 1
Size: 26pt
Weight: 400 (normal)

Subheading 2
Size: 22pt
Weight: 400 (normal)

Paragraph text
Size: 16pt
Weight: 400 (normal)

Download Asiga Font


Our brand colours are optimised for digital platforms (RGB and Hex colours). These colour definitions are to be utilized across all digital applications including, but not limited to, websites, banners, apps, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Primary colours

To be used for the Asiga logo and any other presentation for Asiga.

Secondary colours

For any other presentation of Asiga products.