The Odyssey of an Asiga Dental Expert

Marithe Baclagon has earned the title of an Asiga Dental Expert, without doubt. Learn about her journey as a technician and her implementation of digital technology into her profession.

The Importance of Reliability and Quality with Pavel Kijanets

My name is Pavel Kijanets, and I was previously in a position as DT/3D Expert in Fibonacci Dental Studio in Tallinn, Estonia. We are a compact dental studio oriented on complex cases and individual approaches. Now, I’m on my way to developing a 3D printing segment in Tallinna Hambalabor (Tallinn Dental Laboratory). 3D technology is […]

Microfluidically Assisted Synthesis of Calcium Carbonate Submicron Particles with Improved Loading Properties

The development of advanced methods for the synthesis of nano- and microparticles in the field of biomedicine is of high interest due to a range of reasons. The current synthesis methods may
have limitations in terms of efficiency, scalability, and uniformity of the particles. Here, we investigate
the synthesis of submicron calcium carbonate using a microfluidic chip with a T-shaped oil supply
for droplet-based synthesis to facilitate control over the formation of submicron calcium carbonate

A Journey of Innovation with Plasson

For decades, Plasson had been a pioneer and market leader in the field of plumbing and irrigation systems across multiple industry sectors and disciplines.  The dawn of new markets and materials Industry 4.0 brought with it a new set of challenges and more importantly, opportunity. Traditional manufacturing processes were not only time-consuming but also limited […]

Unconventional Applications in Dental 3D Printing

In this case report, we will share how CAD software and CAM hardware can create a predictable and innovative provisional implant restoration which not only satisfies the patient, but also the clinician and dental designer/technician.