DSD and Asiga at FY Smile

Blending architecture, design and digital dentistry to create a truly unique dental experience.

From the moment you enter FY Smile you are greeted with an overwhelming sense of calm.  The smooth free-flowing walls guide you through to treatment rooms where the attention to detail is mesmerising.  This is a clear introduction to the same level of detail offered by the FY Smile team.

“From patient comfort and predictability there are definitely huge benefits in digital dentistry and Asiga is an integral part of this workflow.”

Fadi Yassmin, FY Smile

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Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a revolutionary approach to cosmetic dentistry that utilizes advanced digital technology to plan and design a patient’s ideal smile. It involves the integration of photography, videography, computer imaging, and 3D modeling to create a precise and personalized treatment plan. 


Once the patient is happy with the smile design, the virtual model of the new smile is used to create a physical model through 3D printing. This involves converting the digital design into an STL file and then 3D printing this on a 3D printer in a dental-grade 3D printing resin.   This physical 3D printed model is then used to manufacture a key to create the patients veneers.


A big thank you to the team at FY Smile for sharing your Asiga story.


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