Introducing our Low Force Build Trays

With over 500 materials from 33 industry leading material manufacturers available in our Open Material Library, we have developed a new style Build Tray to help provide an optimal printing platform for some new material chemistries.

Our new Low Force Build Tray is recommended for printing softer / less hard and elastomeric materials. Our Low Force Build Tray is also ideal for manufacturing parts with fine details and thin delicate wall sections.

Recommended applications/materials include:

  • Jewellery – All geometry’s
  • Dental – flexible splints, soft gingiva, IBT, partial frameworks
  • Audiology – Earshells, earmould shells for casting silicone
  • Industrial – Elastomeric materials
  • Microfluidics – All geometry’s
  • Miniatures – All geometry’s

Suitable for the MAX and MAX X 3D printers and available in 1L capacity.

Important Note:
For all hard materials we recommend our standard MAX Build Trays.


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