Webinar: 3D Printed Master Models for Miniature Mould Making

Join Ramon Jahn from De Tinnen Roos for an immersive tour of their manufacturing facility and hear about how they have implemented 3D printing technology for the production of master models for mould making. The definition of the master model is a crucial element in the production of miniatures as this has a direct influence on the mould integrity and casting outcomes. 

Ramon discusses some closely kept process information and share his thoughts about when to choose 3D printing for the direct production of miniatures and when to consider a 3D printed master for mould making.  Ramon walks you through the important preparation stages of the 3D printed master prior to mould making. 

A recording of this webinar is available to watch on demand.


Ramon Jahn, Owner, De Tinnen Roos

Foundry owner and master moldmaker since 2004. My experience is mostly practical experience, with a lot of sleepless nights. I have always been open to everyone, never say I can’t and share my knowledge to others. In addition to persevering for years to put quality first, but still stay effective and affordable.

This has worked out that my company has grown. Because we produce and I share my experience I have been more and more hired by machine makers for molding and casting trainings. That’s why I give a lot of these mold making experiences to other companies in this industry. Currently I travel digitally and physically all over the world to explain the molding process. Mostly for the Siocast injection molding system and for the Nicem spincast systems. For both I have one important rule. It should all begin with the perfect print, which is of course made with the Asiga printers. I enjoy every day my work and together with a fantastic team of employees we make more than 2 million parts in our own casting and printing company called DTR ( De Tinnen Roos), and I feel very fortuned to travel and visit all my contacts.

When I am at home I enjoy the time with my 3 children: Niek, Moos and Guusje. And I am a happy married man with Ilse Jahn. They support our current grow and I am blessed with them.


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