In this webinar, we discuss the industrial additive manufacturing applications of polySpectra’s COR Alpha material, which is now available for most Asiga DLP 3D printers, including the PRO 4K, MAX, MAX X & Pico2.

COR Alpha is currently being used by Fortune 500 firms and US government agencies to develop high-performance components for automotive, aerospace, robotics, defence, electronics, medical devices, durable tooling for moulding, as well as end-use consumer products. The unprecedented combination of working temperature, toughness, chemical resistance, and biocompatibility now unlocks many high-value end-use applications for Asiga users. We discuss the unique thermomechanical properties of COR Alpha, highlight key applications, outline the facilities requirements, and answer questions from the live audience.

A recording of this webinar is available to watch on demand.


Raymond Weitekamp, Founder & CEO, polySpectra

Dr. Raymond Weitekamp is the founder and CEO of polySpectra, an advanced materials company on a mission to transform polymer 3D-printing from a prototyping aid into a production manufacturing tool. polySpectra’s Cyclic Olefin Resins are based on a discovery Raymond made during his PhD research at Caltech, where he worked in the laboratories of Prof. Bob Grubbs and Prof. Harry Atwater. Raymond was a member of the founding cohort of Activate Fellows at Cyclotron Road, the ground breaking deep technology innovation program at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Prior to Caltech, Raymond received an A.B. in Chemistry from Princeton University. He has been recognized with the distinction of Forbes 30 under 30.



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