When Asiga launched the first affordable desktop 3D printer for jewellery manufacturing back in 2011 not many knew that the jewellery industry were an early adopter of 3D printing technology.

Stuart describes this transition and how 3D CAD and CAM have changed the way jewellery manufacturers now create timeless masterpieces.

A recording of this webinar is available to watch on demand.


Stuart Radmore

Stuart Radmore has spent most of his life in & around the jewellery industry alongside his father, a well known and regarded jeweller who started Stuzanne, a bespoke jewellery manufacturing business based in Hatton Gardens, London.

There is a key difference between Stuart and his father (other than the obvious). Stuart took a different path and was drawn to technology and how digital CAD/CAM processes in particular could be adapted to jewellery manufacturing yet still compliment traditional values. After many years at the bench and pushing the limits of digital processes Stuart has found a balance that has helped streamline their business while maintaining productivity and the highest quality.



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