Asiga at Andent Dental Laboratory

Inside Andent, one of Australia’s largest dental laboratories and part of the Modern Dental Group, the largest dental lab group in the world.

“Asiga 3D printers are cost effective, fast, very reliable and we can print across all nine printers and get the same accuracy.  Joining with Asiga has really changed how we manufacture. “

Matt Smith, General Manager, Andent

We were fortunate to gain access inside Andent and showcase what they do and how they use Asiga 3D printers in production.  Watch the video!

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Andent Dental Laboratory was founded as a family business and has many years of experience in the dental industry.

Using advanced materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, Andent’s highly-skilled team of technicians create high-quality, 100% Australian-Made dental restorations, including crowns, bridges, implants, splints and appliances.

Andent have an Asiga 3D printer installation of 5x MAX UV and 4x PRO 4K80 UV for a truly Australian collaboration delivering the highest quality, locally made products to the dental sector.

“The open material architecture of the Asiga is a great advantage. If we’re not 100% happy with one material we know there is always an alternative.”

Kevin Bird, CAM Manager

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