Asiga User Focus: Haus Der Hörtechnik GmbH

“We chose Asiga for the accuracy, the speed, the robustness of the machines, the service and the price.”

Udo Gütelhöfer, Haus der Hörtechnik GmbH

Company: Haus der Hörtechnik GmbH
Location: Hilchenbach, Germany
Reseller: 3DXS, Germany

3D Printers: Pro 75, 2x PRO2 75 UV
Printing: Hearing aids

1. How long have you been using your Asiga 3D printers?
From May 2015

2. Why did you choose Asiga?
We chose Asiga for the accuracy, the speed, the robustness of the machines, the service and the price.

3. Which features do you like most about your Asiga 3D printer?
The simple robustness connected with the high accuracy. The perfect service. Open for each material provider.

4. What benefits does your Asiga 3D printer bring to your production processes and business?
Speediness and lower manufacturing cost.

5. Are you using a third party resin?  If so which one and why?
We use:

6.  If you could introduce a new feature to Asiga’s 3D printers or software, what would it be?

A software alert via email to notify when a build has completed.  Everything for the gain in time.

7. Would you add another Asiga 3D printer to your production process?
Yes, as production required.

With thanks to Udo Gütelhöfer from Haus der Hörtechnik GmbH for your time providing insight into your company and how our 3D printers are being used.


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