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Asiga User Focus: Lolacustica

“We use Asiga for the precision of the printed parts, stability, reliability, speed and system price.”

Juan Bedmar Delgado, Lolacustica

Company: Lolacustica
Location:  Alicante, Spain
Reseller: 3DXS, Germany

3D Printers: 2x MAX UV, 1x PRO2 95 UV
Printing: Earmoulds, earshells

1. How long have you been using your Asiga 3D printers?
2 years

2. Why did you choose Asiga?
Open system for materials.  The precision of the printed parts, stability, reliability, speed and system price.

3. Which features do you like most about your Asiga 3D printer?
I like the ease of use and the speed of rendering in the Composer software.

4. What benefits does your Asiga 3D printer bring to your production processes and business?
Thanks to the Asiga printers we have increased production of soft and hard earmoulds.

5. Are you using a third party resin?  If so which one and why?
I use:

6.  If you could introduce a new feature to Asiga’s 3D printers or software, what would it be?
The performance of the printers has been very good.  Small software bugs have been resolved quickly in new software and firmware releases.
7. Would you add another Asiga 3D printer to your production process?
We have just installed a new MAX UV !!  This takes our Asiga printer installation to 3 units.

A big thank you to Juan from Lolacustica for your time providing insight into your company!


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